The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


v Global trends in this industry and the forecasts for detergents for 2030.

v New and improved raw materials and the trends in this field.

·       Ecofriendly products.

·       Optimum formulas.

·       Energy Saving products.

·       Enzymatic Products.

v New and improved packaging materials and trends in this field.

v Methods for evaluating performance, efficiency and stability tests in the detergent industry.

v Changing consumer habits, behaviors and aspirations.

v Legislations and regulations related to detergents industry.

·       Environmental and health legislations – regulations.

·       Label requirements.

·       Reach registration.

·       Healthy perfumes.

·       Non-allergy products.

·       Detergent residual (measurement).

·       Waste management and recycle process.

·       Standards.

v Ideas and trends in the field of sustainability in the detergent industry and its impact on this industry.

v Mission impossible? the balance between hygiene and sustainability

v The directions and trends in building the brand in detergent products.

v The directions and trends in product and packing design.

v The impact of social media promotion on marketing operations.

v Change the type of sale chains and outlets.

·       Private label.

·       Electronic sales.

·       Market export map for Jordan.

v  Manufacturing Technologies.

·       Common mistakes in detergent manufacturing.

·       Good practices in detergent manufacturing.

·       Risk Management.

v Material Handling and Logistic

v Product development: Evolution of consumer predictive test methods.

v Liquid laundry detergents: Solutions for low temperature washing.

v The future of certified sustainable palm oil in detergents and cleaning products.

v Home care Keynote address: where’s the industry heading?

v Digital Revolution, Consumer Expectations & Innovation Design

·       new trends in quality and consumer service

·       How is the digital revolution transforming the formulations world?

·       Washing appliances in different market around the globe