This competition aims to stimulate creativity and shed light on creative activities in a way that helps develop the detergent industry and connect producers to innovation channels.

The Detex competition consists of three awards:
First: Best Design Award
In the field of designing of filling containers and labels for detergents and cosmetics
Second: Innovation Award
In the field of raw materials used in the detergent industry:
Third: Fragrances Creativity Award
in the field of Fabric softener, Floor and Air freshener products

The award will be granted to the best work regardless the author´s nationality, genre or background.
The achievements of the participants must be specific to the purpose of the award.
In order to be eligible for participation and subsequent award, the candidate should deliver NEW or IMPROVED WORK

The ideas / work / proposals must be:
– Executable
– Compatible & relevant to the specified fields
– They should add value

Award winners will be selected by a jury formed by independent experts during highly confidential meetings to deliver an impartial & irrefutable verdict

Evaluation Criteria
Jury members are highly qualified in their fields to guarantee best evaluation / selection criteria

Procedure and schedule
20.01.2022 – 20.02.2022
Submit your desire to participate via the website
Announcing the acceptance of candidates
Submit research, samples and final designs
Jury meetings begin to complete evaluations
Announcing the winners and presenting the awards at a special dinner during DETEX Conference

General Terms
Participation in the competition does not mean that the participants will be awarded any award automatically.
The decision on the awards rests solely with the jury.
The decisions of the jury are final and binding without the right of appeal.
The participant in the competitions is automatically deemed to have agreed to the availability of documents its own independent jury for evaluation.
The winners agree to publish their names, whether individuals or companies and a summary of the innovation or the research that was awarded the award on the Detex website as well as in the publications and in newsletters, and in Detex Journal automatically.

DETEX 2022